Lace with cord - a fine wedding dresses fabric

Lace – the most delicate fabric – is especially interesting and popular these days. Wedding dresses can be entirely made of lace or be decorated with lace inserts in the neckline, waistline, back. Lace is luxurious, romantic and expensive. The process of creating lace fabric is quite difficult, has many aspects and requires many costs. But we offer you to buy lace with cord in Wedding World online store wholesale at low prices. This noble material has always been fashionable. Any outfit of it looks very seductive, charming and delightful.

Cord lace – a type of lace fabric, embroidered lace – one of the most popular fabrics that are used for tailoring and decorating wedding dresses. Traditionally, cord lace fabric is a transparent fine mesh with volumetric patterns depicting flowers and leaves. Volume, convexity, relief and expressiveness, emphasizing pattern beauty, are obtained by using durable satin cord or thick cord thread for embroidery. Seed beads and sequins are most often used to decorate cord lace. And the lace itself is perfect for decorating tops and edging veils.

Where to use this material?

Cord lace is very popular among wedding decoration manufacturers. Therefore, if the choice of high-quality fabric is not an easy task for you – we will help to solve it: you can buy lace wholesale from us. We offer quality products at affordable prices. The online store catalogue will please you with an abundance of items, you can certainly buy cord lace of the highest quality and with the desired features, pattern or color wholesale in Ukraine.

Lace wedding dresses are the hottest new trend. Lace is so universal that, depending on the idea and design of designers, it can either successfully emphasize the figure or hide its imperfections, be either bold or romantic, sexy or shy, classic or ultra-fashionable. You can choose lace with cord based on your preferences and tastes and buy it wholesale in Ukraine. 

The main distinctive feature of cord lace is its relief contour, trimmed with a thick shiny thread along the ornament edge. The fabric as it is inspires designers and pleases lovers of luxury dresses. Lace with cord can be perfectly combined with other fabrics. An outfit entirely made of lace will look very elegant, solemn and feminine. We offer lace with cord wholesale and in retail, order it with a few mouse clicks.