Exquisite wedding lace, embroidered with beads and sequins

What could be more beautiful than delicate lace? Of course, only lace embroidered with seed beads, glass beads, pearls, sequins, beads and other shiny decorative elements. All this "glitter" is scattered along the lines of exquisite ornament, which makes lace look incredibly elegant and luxury. Embroidered lace is the highlight of a bride's royal image. It is interesting that all the chic outfits of haut monde are decorated with embroidered lace.

Of course, wedding dress cannot be tailored with no decoration, and elements and inserts of embroidered lace are the most popular way to decorate the dress. You can buy embroidered lace wholesale in Ukraine from the online store of Wedding World. We offer only high quality products. The fabric we offer is partially embroidered by hand. Every stage of material processing is monitored in the manufacturing process.

The one selecting lace fabric for a wedding dress can imagine how luxurious it will be. For creating exclusive matchless dresses buying embroidered lace wholesale is an optimal decision. Check out the product catalog on our website and select everything you need.

Variety of embroidered lace

 There is a large variety:

  • lace embroidered in various way;

  • machine-embroidered with the use of a soutache thread, or hand-embroidered netting or lace;

  • narrow embroidered lace for decorating dress bottom, corset or bodice, for making veils, etc.

A variety of patterns, colors and shades makes it possible to implement bold design ideas and sew a unique dream dress. It is also preferable to buy embroidered lace because in making an attire, one will not need to additionally embroider separate elements of a dress or a veil. A dress with an embroidered lace looks complete and self-sufficient, it does not require additional accessories.

Lace has always had special attention, amazed by its beauty and elegance. Modern laces can be of any color, so the decoration for embroidery is chosen accordingly, and the fabric always looks quite harmonious. You can buy embroidered lace in Ukraine for tailoring various dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, for trimming bottom, décolleté, cuffs by making an order on our website. Buy embroidered lace wholesale and in retail anytime from us. For any questions concerning the assortment, prices, delivery, feel free to contact out managers.