Sewing thread bobbins - a wide range of colors

To get an excellent result in the manufacture of wedding dresses, it is important to know which type of thread is the most preferable. If the threads are very thin and not durable, then the seams may break; and a thick or coarse thread can make holes in the fabric or even tear it. Therefore, threads for a wedding dress must be selected with due care.

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You can make a wholesale purchase of threads for wedding dresses of various types: virtual shelves are filled with:

  • cotton;

  • nylon;

  • viscose;

  • woolen;

  • metallic;

  • silk threads and ribbons.

Interesting and popular designer threads – combinations of several different types of threads. All this types of threads has different strength, thickness.

Selection of threads

To select threads for tailoring of a wedding dress correctly, it is worth considering their quality. If you are making a dress of transparent and delicate fabrics, then cotton threads  will be appropriate choice, as they are durable and do not stretch. If you are planning to decorate a dress with embroidery, then mouline threads – six cotton threads twisted together – will be an excellent option. Mouline threads are divided into several types, each of different thickness, softness and smoothness. Polyester threads are durable; they are coated with wax or silicone, which reduces friction during sliding through the fabric.

General-purpose threads for dresses are suitable for any fabrics, and colorless - durable, invisible will securely hold the details and stay unnoticed. Viscose threads will make smooth stitches, and nylon threads, which have good durability, will be a good choice for light and synthetic materials.

Silk threads

Silk threads are gorgeous: they are thin, durable, plastic, used for different textiles, do not leave holes. Various silk threads – consisting of several layers, twisted, ribbons – are popular accessories used in the manufacture of wedding dresses, they are widely used for decoration (embroidery). Ornament embroidered with fine wool will look fabulous. Designers like to embroider wedding dresses with unusual patterns using silver, gold, bronze, pearl, twisted, Japanese metallic threads.


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