Buy cups for wedding dress wholesale

The creation of dresses – evening, wedding, theatrical – besides high-quality textiles, requires appropriate fittings and accessories. If a dress has an open back, or is put on with a corset, it cannot go without bra-cups – accessory designed to support breast and shape a beautiful neckline.

Bra-cups are critical where the use of bust bodice is impossible or inappropriate. Therefore, production designers have developed a new kind of underwear accessory, which harmoniously outlines any female bodyshape. Another indisputable advantage is that they do not hinder movement and do not injure skin, since they do not include hard and uncomfortable metal underwire.

Since the wedding season 2018 did not make major changes to fashion trends, open top and a corset based wedding dresses are as popular as in the past few years. Their peculiarity is probably based on the impossibility of using conventional bust bodices on straps. To achieve the push up effect and make breast shape attractive, custom cups are sewn into the upper part of a dress. They are used similarly in other types of dresses.

Bra cups for dresses: types

Classical balconette. With cups of this type, designers achieve slightly rounded neckline. End points of the underframe are set at the same height. Suits medium-sized breast.

Deep cups: open in the central part, is the choice of conservative ladies. They neatly and harmoniously delineate neckline in a traditional and concise way, without making a lady's wear look either overly puritan or too revealing.

Open, not deep cups: additional breast support due to perpendicular edging makes them a perfect choice for full breast owners. Neckline is slightly rounded.

Push-up cups are a must-have accessory that not only comfortably support, but also visually enlarge and round the breast.

Given the specifics of use, cups for dresses and corsets are available in light shades: white and nude. Due to this solution, they are not seen through the shell fabric of the product.

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