Rigilene – a must-have for dressmaking and tailoring establishment

It is impossible to make a good wedding or evening dress without high-quality accessories. Rigilene can add volume to a skirt, make seams and corsets rigid or provide them some texture. It is also known as “whalebone” and “crinoline” in the vernacular. This material is an excellent alternative to metal wires which are heavy and insufficiently elastic, therefore uncomfortable for ladies wearing such wire-based clothes.

Rigilene is a kind of sewing accessories in the form of bands, straps and hollow tubes of various width (or diameter), made of eco friendly synthetic materials having no effect on health. Unlike natural whalebone, its production is tens or even hundreds times cheaper.

Consider before you buy

Rigilene is selected for dress tailoring based on its parameters:

  • rigidity;

  • form - bandlike or tubelike;

  • band width - 6mm, 8mm, 12mm etc.

Soft rigilene

A soft variety of rigilene – crinoline – is used to create wide petticoats used to shape wedding dresses. The name comes from the two French words “crin” and “lin”. Their meanings are “horsehair” and “dense flax”, since it was these materials that crinoline was made of in the 17th – 19th centuries.

Band rigilene

Rigilene bands are woven from synthetic fibers and resemble narrow bands of cellular fabric. Their width differs – it is possible to choose accessories of up to fifty millimeters wide. It perfectly decorates wedding, evening and stage (theatrical, ballroom) flounced dress bottoms.

Tight regilene

As evidenced by few previous wedding seasons, tight regilene insertable into seams is of the highest demand. Due to its characteristics, it can be used as a perfect underwire for shaping corsets. Therefore, tight rigilene is also narrowly known as corset tape. It allows shaping a bodice without any straps or tight back lacing. No lady will feel uncomfortable in a dress tailored using these accessories.

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