Satin - an indispensable fabric for wedding and evening dresses

Satin is a high quality fabric from the category of satin fabrics, smooth and shiny on the outside, and matte, soft on the inside. Due to the smooth surface and good slip, satin is perfect for the manufacture of elegant clothes. The material originates from China, since the 19th century till present time it is produced in many countries. Therefore, nowadays it is easy to buy satin wholesale in Ukraine.

Due to the special composition (there are silk, semi-silk, polyester, acetate, nylon, viscose, cotton threads) of the manufactured fabric, exceptional smoothness and noble shine are achieved. When making a wholesale order for satin for dresses, choose any desired thickness – very thin (for light and airy dresses) or very dense (for filled noble wedding dresses).

Choose wisely before buying satin wholesale, there is a few types:

  • "Khan" - top quality satin (used in the manufacture of clothing for members of upperclass society and of luxury wedding dresses);

  • "Maintenon" - material of light and dark colors with embroidered flowers;

  • "Trianon" - fabric with contrasting prints or patterns;

  • "Pompadour" - satin of dark shades with golden embroidery.

You can purchase all kinds of satin fabric wholesale from our online store. We also offer a large selection of whole coloured and patterned satin fabrics, having extra beautiful jacquard, printed, embroidered or embossed ornaments on them.

Buy satin in Ukraine at favourable prices by taking advantage of the offers of Wedding World online store. It is known that this material looks luxurious and festive, while it is of high quality and strong, durable (with proper care), non-transparent, water absorbing, hypoallergenic, anti-static and is easily arranged in folds. At the same time, products made of satin have a beneficial effect on health – they do not cause skin irritation but even improve its condition. A wedding or evening dress made of satin is luxurious, noble, elegant, delicate. Therefore, it is advisable to buy satin wholesale in Ukraine.


Satin outfits are especially demanded nowadays. This wonderful fabric is used to create not only festive clothes, but also various accessories, as well as elegant curtains, tablecloths, and bedspreads. If you are looking for the best price satin wholesale, then contact us. Our catalog offers satin of different types, color, thickness. Satin wholesale – this deal will fit your budget!