Fabric prokat  - a universal material for fashion designers and decorators

Satin is a kind of textile canvas used to create wedding and evening dresses, as well as a decorative material for decorating locations for a wedding ceremony or any other special events.  On the market you can find fabrics with natural silk, cotton, or with the addition of artificial fibers.

Satin: main characteristics

Among natural and semi-synthetic satin fabrics, rolling satin has the highest density (170 grams per square meter of fabric on average). Other characteristics which make satin popular with designers and decorators are the presence of both glossy and matte varieties. Rolling satin fabric with the glitter of the front side is in the greatest demand, luxury dresses are made of it, they are used most often to decorate rooms. 

The classic rolling satin is remarkable for its phenomenal wear resistance, simple processing, lack of sprinkling around the edges and ... elasticity (but there is also an elastic variety known as stretch satin). This means that it lacks any, even the slightest amount of ductility, due to which the products made of it do not stretch and do not lose their shape. Also, despite the denser structure compared to other fabrics, which are used for evening and wedding dresses, rolling satin gives the skin the ability to breathe and does not cause discomfort when wearing. 

The color palette of the rolling satin presented in the assortment in the catalog of the online store “Wedding World” will satisfy even the most demanding requests. Here you will find both bright base colors and muted pastel colors, both with a matte and glossy surface. With our products you can create real masterpieces of wedding or evening fashion. 

The best offers from “Wedding World”

Sometimes one linear meter of rolling fabric is enough for sewing a dress. But if you need to sew a few dresses, or to decorate a large room, the fabric is measured not just in meters, but in rolls. We are ready to provide large batches of satin. In this case, there is a wholesale pricing policy that allows customers, in addition to acquiring a quality product, sometimes to save considerable sums. We constantly care about the improvement of customer service; therefore, in addition to an individual approach to each customer, personal offers and discounts, we will ensure prompt delivery in Ukraine, as well as in CIS countries.