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Guipure - the best choice for wedding and evening dresses

Guipure is unique material, even a modest closed wedding dress can be turned into an exclusive, unsurpassed and fascinating apparel. It should be remembered that this fabric will provide the maximum effect if combined with other materials – in this case, the product will be light, airy, elegant.

Guipure was first made in Italy, although its name comes from France, and it means “air lace”. Lace patterns, ornaments, elements are arranged on a transparent base – this is how guipure canvas looks like. Non-embroidered guipure for wedding dresses – a lightweight mesh with openwork details will make the outfit look luxurious.

Useful information about guipure

Non-embroidered guipure for dresses is purchased wholesale for tailoring clothes, their elements and accessories, for decorating various items. Guipure base is synthetic fabric made of nylon, lurex, lycra, polyester, acrylic with decorative elements made of silk, linen, cotton or synthetic threads arranged on it. Non-embroidered guipure is most times produced by faggoting — volumetric figures are connected by binding elements. Although it looks very gentle and weightless, it feels rather hard to the touch. For the manufacture of wedding dresses and accessories, we provide non-embroidered guipure lace of all varieties for wholesale purchase:

  • gentle, beautiful, chic classic,

  • dense, strict, elegant leather guipure,

  • the thinnest transparent mesh,

  • lurex guipure with a magical charm for celebrations,

  • elastic knitted guipure.

The decision to buy non-embroidered guipure for dresses is quite correct, since the fabric boasts certain advantages: it looks interesting and original. The material is universal, so it is used not only for tailoring wedding dresses and accessories, but also other things. The fabric is moderately elastic, well breathable. Dress with any silhouette can be made of this fabric. As to the shortcomings, it is not desirable to use this fabric for the entire product – in this case, the outfit will be see-through which is quite frank. Wearing guipure products should be careful, as this material is thin and delicate – if suddenly caught, there may be left runs.       

Guipure – an unsurpassed statement of beauty, refinement, grace

In our online store Wedding World you can buy non-embroidered guipure in Ukraine at the most affordable wholesale prices. Look through our online catalog and see for yourself that the assortment pleases with the presence of fabrics of different types, colors, luxurious patterns.  After selecting various articles you need, you will be able to make a wholesale order with respect to non-embroidered guipure meeting even the most demanding needs and requirements.