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Lace is the thinnest delicate net-like fabric with an ornament or an openwork pattern. The fabric is usually decorated with floral patterns, abstraction, geometric shapes and other various figured options. Any lace is an indisputable attribute of wealth and luxury. Lace fabric, braid lace or lace elements create fabulous, airy, incredibly beautiful wedding dresses. Any kind of graceful openwork will make the image of the bride sophisticated, mysterious and unsurpassed.

For a wedding outfit to be original, one need to buy braid lace for wedding dresses. These lace straps are used mainly for trimming dress corsets or bottoms, veils, wedding accessories and also interior decorations at the celebration venue. It is impossible to overload the dress with braid lace; on the contrary, its use emphasizes the product glamour and the excellent taste of the lady of the hour.

Braid lace is elegance, lightness, attractiveness

Narrow braid lace are considered an elegant decoration, as it has an ability to enhance any, even the simplest standard product. Most often this original type of lace is used for skirting. Such an openwork braid with flower and floral motifs and fashionable ornaments will help implement bold and unusual designer fantasies and will undoubtedly add grace and attractiveness to the dress.

● Chantelle lace is the most charming and popular: exquisite fancy patterns, magnificent curls are embroidered on the thinnest netting, the very fabric is thin, quite soft, incredibly beautiful. Chantelle lace ribbons are strikingly luxurious.

●     Decorative lace edge stripes can be of two types: with curly edges on both sides or with one edge left even. The second option is best for edging, while the fabric top surface is decorated with the first option.

While following the flight of your imagination when creating yet another wedding masterpiece, you need to have narrow braid lace in volume to have enough material for creativity. Lace ribbons are used to create original patterns, they can simply be sewn on in the form of wavy lines on sleeves, back and other parts of a dress, be used to decorate a neckline etc.

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