Ready-made corset applications

Lace appliques are a great way to quickly and beautifully decorate clothes designed for special occasions and not only. Showing a little imagination, you can redo even the most ordinary things, making them an original outfit. But such kind of decor is, nevertheless, the most demanded for the transformation of wedding dresses:  it does not only decorate them, but also helps to become unique, unusual, and impressive.

Brides often choose outfits with appliques, because most of them are really elegant and look like expensive accessories or hand-made embroidery. Thanks to them, you can easily decorate a sleeve, a bottom of a veil, a train or a dress hem. But modern designers and designers of the world of wedding fashion especially appreciate the finished appliques for the corset, which simplify the work on creating outfits without losing the quality and uniqueness of the finished product. 

Varieties of corset appliqués: what to choose

If there is a question about what type of appliques is better to buy, then you should initially carefully examine the existing range and clearly present the future models of wedding dresses. So, the choice is huge! The variety of textures, shades and auxiliary details is simply impressive! Only in the style of the decor, the appliques are divided into more than 4 types, among which abstract and floral ones are especially popular. Additionally, they can be embroidered and decorated with the following elements: 

  • beads and pearls;

  • rhinestones, crystals and seed beads;

  • designer's embroidery;

  • skillful interweaving of silk threads;

  • sequins and large patch flowers.

The technology of applying to the main fabric is also quite simple: you just remove the protective layers, attach the composition to the base and iron through parchment paper. Optionally, you can fix the edges of the product manually or stitch. 

Wedding appliques for corsets is a great opportunity to create an exclusive outfit

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