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Exquisite guipure for wholesale orders

Ladies of any age desire to be effective, elegant, stylish, and fashionable. Therefore fashion designers use many interesting fabrics for tailoring clothes. Different types of lace materials are very popular now, and one of such is guipure, which makes any dress catching, glossy and luxurious. Therefore, for the production of a large number of clothes a good thinking is to buy guipure wholesale.  

Guipure is one of modern types of lace, a semi-transparent material that is produced by sewing together openwork plexuses from threads with different texture and thickness. Guipure first appeared in Italy in the 16th century. Such a fabric with unusual patterns, convex volumetric patterns on a thin canvas was then used to decorate collars of clothing, to create exquisite scarves and shawls. 

What can be produced from guipure?

  • fashionable, stylish, elegant, luxurious wedding or evening dresses;

  • stage outfits;

  • blouses;

  • cuffs;

  • underwear;

  • belts;

  • gloves;

  • tulle.

Also, it is used for decorating and trimming article of clothing, shoes, hats, clutch bags, handbags, umbrellas. For this universal fabric one does not need to go abroad, but can easily buy guipure in Ukraine wholesale. Even without leaving home, sitting at PC, tablet or even using a smartphone, you can buy lace in the Wedding World online store wholesale.

Guipure is made using natural fibers of silk, cotton, linen and synthetic threads of acrylic, lurex, lycra, nylon, polyester, elastin for the mesh base. If you want to buy guipure for a dresses wholesale, then you can choose what you need from among several types of fabric: classical, knitted, leather, las, supplex, metallic, with lurex, woven, net, stretch net, fine-patterned guipure.  If you need to buy guipure for wedding dresses wholesale you can pick up fabrics of different colors and shades, as well as stuffed or plain dyed using the method of material toning. A separate category is embroidered guipure for a wedding dress wholesale. In order to produce this kind of fabric expensive materials are used.

Choosing this particular fabric, you should take into account its advantages and disadvantages, know how to properly care for guipure clothing.

Advantages of this material are:

  • good material throughput;

  • transparency;

  • lightness; tenderness;

  • wear resistance;

  • deformation resistance;

  • easily used for drapery.

This fabric is smooth to the touch, comfortable, rather elastic, which allows the product from it to fit the body perfectly. 

Order guipure wholesale according to your preferences and tastes. And as for the price policy, you will be pleased with prices for guipure wholesale in our Wedding World online store. Clothes made of guipure are delicate, refined, elegant, a lady wearing them will look fascinating and stunning.