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The choice of fabrics, both basic and lining, for wedding and formal clothes is very important. Any outfit should be made of high quality materials to the smallest detail. Euro lining is one of the most important elements of clothes, the fabric that gives completeness and elegance to the product. Whether it be a skirt or a whole dress, such a material would be an ideal addition to anything - light, comfortable, silky, pleasant to the touch. An additional convenience of the lining is that it stretches a little.

An extremely successful solution is to buy a fabric lining for sewing summer wedding dresses. The fabric is easy to sew, practical to wear, it doesn’t create any problems at all, allows keeping the shape and excellent appearance of the product for a long time.

Euro lining - the rules of choice

The quality of the lining material depends on the type of finished products. If the priority is to buy a euro-lining in bulk, you need to take into account some simple rules:

  • The lining fabric must necessarily be thinner than the base material, it must be smooth, which ensures a slight slippage when interacting with other things.

  • The canvas should not be loose and crumble, should be hypoallergenic, anti-static, lightweight, durable, must withstand heavy loads, well pass air and absorb moisture, while keeping shape and not make the product bulky.

  • The color of the lining material must necessarily match the color or shade of the main fabric. A variety of colors - from pastel to bright colors - makes it possible to choose a European lining for any outfit.

All these criteria corresponds to euro lining. And still this fabric is dense, it is not transparent, therefore perfectly hides all seams.

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