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A wedding dress is a "one-time" article of clothing for a girl. it would seem to be suitable any appearance of beautiful fabric. In fact, this is false. A bride's attire must be perfect throughout the eventful day. Therefore, there are specific requirements for materials aimed at preserving the overall look of the attire up to the end of a celebration. Cloth should be durable, suitable, comfortable, light, pleasant, not crumple, match the style. Fabrics that meet these criteria is corsetry net for a wedding dress, capable of turning even the simplest model into an original and luxurious one.

Simplicity and originality tailored with one thread

Corsetry grid is glamorous and attractive due to its diversity.  There are several varieties of this net, differing in: 

  •  degree of hardness;

  •  elasticity;

  •  texture;

  •  gauge;

  •  transparency.

Shapes and sizes of structural elements – cells – also vary: round ones resembles chain armor, square ones – fishing net, regular hexagons are like honeycombs, rhombuses or other figures form even more interesting openwork patterns. A special interlacing of threads allows the ornament not to be distorted when the product is put on.  

The material is made of polyester, viscose or elastane fibers can be added. The fabric is hydroscopic, wear-resistant, perfectly holds the shape, practically does not crumple. Smooth uniform texture gives a feeling of tenderness, lightness, airiness. Dresses or their elements from net fabric look amazing, unique, tempting, playful. 

For tailoring wedding dresses usually a lot of open-mesh fabric is used, so wedding tailors and boutiques can favorably buy corsetry net wholesale. Variable size of the cells makes it possible to use the grid as an independent material, and also in combination with more dense fabrics– knitting, satin, chiffon, silk, linen, euronet. You can buy a corsetry net in Ukraine of any variants, colors, textures, as well as tinted, matte, metallized, shimmering variants, with embroideries, sequins, etched ornaments, original drawings, colored spraying. 

Grid is quite easy to use and keep. Thanks to a large and diverse range, you can buy corsetry grid in the Wedding World online store according to your wishes, requests, needs.