Fabric shiny tulle wholesale on Vesіlniy Svіt online store

Among the many varieties of fabrics, a  special emphasis on exquisite, transparent  cloth, which have a delicate texture and typical air cells. That is what shiny tulle looks like that you will be able to purchase for tailoring wedding and evening dresses, decorating hats, various accessories and other tasks.

Wholesale fabric mesh, presented in a wide color palette  would allow the most interesting design decisions and fantasies to be met, and as a result you get real works of art.

Particularities of tulle fabric with shine

Shiny tulle is a light, smooth, translucent,  fabric mesh of polyester threads with different level of hardness.

fabric shiny tulle has the following advantages: 

  • it is taut and uniform;
  • air can be gently blown through it;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • it doesn't need ironing;
  • keep form after washing;
  • not deform;
  • can be bought at reasonable prices.

You will be able to buy shiny tulle in a wide assortment.a wide range on our website in Ukraine on our website. This fabric is very popular among designers. There are the following fabric types: mat surface fabric, jacquard, hard and softer options. You can also order products with mat surface or shiny, various decorations (sequins, embroidery, color spraying, volumetric application, etc.).

What elements of the dress are most often decorated with shiny tulle?

shiny tulle on wholesale is perfect for tailoring evening gowns. Even the most simple dress of shiny tulle seems elegant and unique. The fabric is also used to make wedding dresses, ballroom gowns, petticoats, gloves,veils, and capes. It is possible to achieve the desired effect and replace the petticoats with gathered tulle, which complements the hem of her dress, imitating the lower skirt.

It is important to complement the dresses of shiny tulle with appropriate accessories: bows, gloves, wedding bouquets, etc.

Delicate and, at the same time, elastic fabric  is suitable for creating folds.Given that tulle can be easily worked, many designers use it to create voluminous wedding dresses,  ballet dress, exclusive gowns, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers and other elements. Tulle also is used to decorate celebrations to create romantic atmosphere.

To buy shiny tulle means to give preference to amazing material that bestows beauty and tenderness on bride and can turn the little girl into princess.

To buy wholesale shiny tulle in Ukraine inexpensively

Online store Vesіlniy Svіt invites you to buy shiny tulle on wholesale from the manufacturer. 

You will certainly be pleased with the excellent quality of the goods and reasonable prices. As for delivery, wedding fabrics on wholesale will be delivered on time to any region of the country..

If you have any questions, you can always contact our managers online or by phone. We will help you make a choice by offering you a hard or softer fabric in a different color palette.

Place a wholesale order with just a few mouse clicks. You just need to add goods to your cart and  fill out an application on website.