Order French Chantilly lace wholesale

Luxury, royal attires, expensive accessories, delicate work, wealth, eternal magic of femininity – such associations are caused by any lace, especially if it's French chantelle – an indicator of exclusiveness, elegance, charm. Lace fabrics are used for sewing light, eye-catching outfits. Such models attract attention with their luxury. Non-embroidered chantelle is always fashionable, seductive, charming, admiring, eye-pleasing material. 

A few centuries ago, only wealthy noble ladies could afford exquisite decorations of expensive handmade French openwork. Nowadays it is available to people with any income, so designers and couturiers use it in the production of wedding, evening, cocktail, ball dresses. With the help of lace, thin waistlines, graceful necks, beautiful shoulders, chic busts are favorably emphasized and mysterious, delicate, feminine, luxurious images are created. Color features add charm to delicate skin. 

Elegance of each curl

Non-embroidered chantelle for dresses differ in plasticity, flexibility, allow to combine and fuse in one product several of its variants. So you get unique outfits with unique ornaments. A whole dress or some of its elements can be made of lace:  

  •  sleeves;

  •  skirt;

  •  bodice, etc.

Waistline, bottom, veil adorned with openwork looks luxurious. For this purpose, manufacturers increasingly practice buying non-embroidered chantelle with different patterns wholesale. Lace patterns are filled with interesting floral, abstract compositions. Large and small drawings – roses, poppies, irises, tulips, bouquets and others – look solemn, are tricky in design and perfect in performance. 

Non-embroidered chantelle for wedding dresses of any color is an excellent option for creating an exclusive product. The fabric presented in the Wedding Word online store, is characterized by high quality of netting, hardness, texture lightness, originality of ornaments, neat and repeated forms of cells in netting. It perfectly harmonizes with different materials, styles, types and styles of clothing. The material has received worldwide recognition; many eminent manufacturers of wedding outfits use it in their work. Modern designers, couturiers and tailors are well-oriented in the new rends of the beauty industry and buy non-embroidered chantelle in Ukraine to create fascinating products.