Corset cord – order sewing accessories wholesale

The holiday spirit of the most important celebration is hidden inside a wedding dress – luxurious, delicate, elegant, and, of course, with a corset cord the correct way. It is able to advantageously emphasize bride's shapes and make her looking like a princess.

Correct cord is one of key moments in the dressing up, and it depends on lacing how perfect the dress will fit and look. Therefore, corset cord should not only be beautiful, but also have uniform color, and uninterrupted weaving structure. A corset can be laced with dense, but not too thick ribbons, silk tie-strings and satin stripes.

Online store Wedding World offers corset cord for sale. Here you will find:

● strong, round decorative cord woven of polypropylene threads;

● twisted cord – of several thick threads, options with metalized threads included;

● corset cord made of leather or leatherette, suitable for extraordinary exclusive, even avant-garde outfits.


And manufacturers of classic wedding dresses order silk cord for corsets wholesale. It adds nobility, elegance, luxury to a bride's image. Suede and velvet lacing are another interesting option.

We offer a broad scope of assortment

You can place a wholesale order for corset cord of any thickness and strength you need with us. High-quality cord should easily withstand pulling, even the strongest one. Depending on the designer idea, cord may be of the same color as the dress, or it may be of any contrasting color — to make a wedding dress look special.

You can buy any corset cord: flat, round, twisted, braided, of different thickness and colors, made of different materials, wholesale in Ukraine from our online store. We sell only high-quality and easy-to-use products.

Our regular customers are satisfied with a large assortment of different functional decoration elements. Become a member of our large and friendly family! With us you can place wholesale orders for corset cord online or by phone. We will deliver the selected product to you in the shortest possible time, and you will in your turn be able to quickly create another masterpiece of wedding fashion and beatify even more young ladies.