Stiff tulle  - a type of wedding mesh

Tulle – a transparent fabric with threads woven so as to form cells – holds one of the leading positions among the textiles. Transparent, light and elastic tulle is the most demanded fabric in the wedding fashion for today. As soon as we hear its name, we imagine a bride and a magnificent wedding celebration.

Tulle is something special compared to other fabrics. Full skirts of many wedding dresses are made of this material. Masterpieces of many famous fashion houses are created using open-mesh fabric. These are stylish and luxurious wedding gowns with full skirts from modern wedding collections, which are breathtaking and literally keep women's hearts enslaved.

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Use of open mesh materials

Tulle has many good features. It is:

  • rigid;

  • crush-resistant;

  • does not loose shape.

Due to the above, stiff tulle is a good material to choose for fashionable wedding dresses. It is needed for creating petticoats and wide skirts, wedding dresses and accessories, decorative wedding adornments and accessoires.

This open-mesh fabric can be hard, semi-soft and soft. Moreover, the harder is tulle, the better it keeps its shape. To create a romantic bridal look, professionals recommend buying stiff tulle – probably the best fabric for such work – it is airy and weightless, capable of turning even the most modest dress into an elegant, incredible attire.

Semitransparent mesh base which is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and has even more advantages – this is about stiff tulle. It dries very quickly after washing and retains its original shape, does not chnage the way it looks, therefore absolutely does not need ironing. Tulle does not fade, perfectly keeps the given shape. But there is one thing to keep in mind: stiff tulle can scratch the body and tear nylon panty hoses.

Not only fashion designers, but also decorators should buy stiff tulle: this is a versatile material which you can use to decorate location of a magnificent celebration.

Tulle – always up-to-date and fashionable open mesh fabric

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