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Wedding applications for wedding dress tailoring wholesale

Each bridal outfit needs a special highlight, which will necessarily draw attention of all the guests of the celebration. A wedding dress looks unique and exclusive due to various decorative elements and accessories that determine the style and mood of the item as a whole. Now, wedding appliqués are in demand for wedding dresses, they make any outfit exquisite and luxurious. Such decor is widely accepted in the modern wedding fashion, therefore, those who are engaged in the manufacture of wedding products, can always buy wedding appliqués of excellent quality and at good prices.  

Appliques for wedding dresses vary in size, style and quality. Small insert elements can be placed on the sides. Large ones are good for use on the back or waist, and narrow ones are ideal for sleeves. Dress appliques differ very much – they can be lacy, satin, of macrame, with different ornaments, decorated with jewelry and other items.

Also, appliques for wedding dresses can be:

  • embroidered, which are decorated by hand with different decorative elements – beads, seed beads, rhinestones, etc.;

  • not embroidered – usually these are two pieces, placed in an inversed manner.

If you want the bride's attire to be individual, unique, matchless, luxurious, then you just need to buy dress appliques. Thanks to these elements, and, of course, quality fabrics and accessories, interesting styles, the dress will look extraexpensive.

You can buy wedding appliques in Ukraine without leaving the website of the Wedding World online store. We offer exclusive, tried and tested products from the manufacturer at favourable and pleasant prices. At the same time pay attention to the decorative elements – with their help you can add small, but bright accents to the wedding outfit, give it compelling charm and brilliance. 

All products, which are presented in the catalog, are equipped with bright and detailed photos and descriptions that are made to simplify the process of selecting the item you need. You can buy wedding appliqués of different sizes, patterns, variations wholesale and retail. Appliques with floral patterns and geometric ornaments will add elegance and tenderness to each product. A large variety of quality laces, qualified advice, discounts, favorable cooperation terms, fast delivery will surely please every buyer.