Vesilnyi Svit Company offers lace, guipure, different kinds of textile applications and accessories. We propose to our clients various textile fabrics, which are produced by the best world manufacturers for our wholesale buyers. We have great experience in this sphere and we possess great achievements in wedding goods field. Our team of professionals always ready to help you and to offer the highest level of professional support for each question, which will be connected with our co-operation. We offer the most profitable conditions for both sides of co-operation and we always guarantee the highest quality of our goods.

How to make the order?

Please, log on our official website and choose necessary goods. After pressing “Make purchase” button, please check your selected goods and quantity, which was entered previously. After you will be sure that all information in chapter “Basket” is true, please enter “Make order” button. Please, complete all required fields with actual contact information of recipient. After making of 100% payment of your sum, delivery of your production will be made as quick as it possible. If you have some questions, which are connected with delivery and payment, please contact with our sales-managers, using considered contact numbers. You can use Viber or WhatsApp services, if it will be comfortable for you. Maybe, you will need to use special “Online help”, which is placed on the bottom side of our official website. For précising of all details of your order, you will receive call from our manager after making of your order and completing of special order form on the website. Our manager will give some questions, connected with your order. All orders are processed on work days only. They will be processed from Monday to Friday from 9:00-17:00. It is time, when we give phone support to our customers.


The minimal price of order is1500 UAH. “Nova Poshta” Post Company can deliver your order in the period from one to three days after making of your payment. We can deliver our production, which you will order to Russia and other countries of CIS with the most convenient way for you. Your goods can be delivered in the period of 5 to 10 days. Delivery price costs from 40 to 60 dollars. We hope, that our conditions of co-operation, which Vesilnyi Svit Company offers to our clients will be really comfortable for you. With our professional support your personal business will develop, because the high quality of our production is useful and good element, which will make your personal business image perfect. You will be able to satisfy all demands of your clients. In the same time, we have our personal pricing policy, which allows you to get the best wedding goods with the most attractive prices. Please, contact with our managers and they will give answers for your additional questions. Our workers will do everything to make you really happy about our profitable co-operation.