Advantages of euro tulle as a wedding fabric

Euro tulle, a type of tulle – soft, elastic, durable, semitransparent fabric which represents a fine mesh woven of polyester threads. It is very popular and in-demand in the wedding clothes industry, as, due to stretch fibers contained, it retains shape and stretches evenly. If you want to buy euro tulle in Ukraine wholesale, then check out the assortment of our catalog.

As to the technological method of weaving, euro tulle is very much similar to tulle, but it is more delicate and smooth to the touch.

The material is used to create:

  • luxurious veils;

  • light petticoats;

  • elegant gloves;

  • various decorative elements for wedding dresses, room décor, jewelry.

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Wholesale supply of euro tulle for dresses is a need for the one who is going to create stylish, fashionable and stunning wedding apparel. Euro tulle has simple technological pattern and will contribute refinement, lightness and exclusivity to a dress. The fabric has uniform smooth surface, is very delicate, light, airy, transparent and simply beautiful, therefore quite popular and used to tailor wedding dresses and many other articles of clothing – blouses, skirts, light sundresses, underwear. Euro tulle is a universally applicable mesh material, easy to use, easy to stretch, easy to handle.

Types of euro tulle for wedding dresses available for wholesale ordering:

  • matte;

  • glossy;

  • metallic;

  • embroidered;

  • with appliqués;

  • with coloring or etched ornament, and also printed tulle.

The material has excellent characteristics: it perfectly keeps its shape and almost never wrinkles; it is wear-resistant and durable, and is so elastic that is used to create puffed skirting, wide folds, beautiful flounces. Tulle euro tulle can be acquired not only for making clothes, but also for creating various decorations, even curtains and canopies, since the fabric is very well draped and looks gorgeous. Products of euro tulle wash well and dry quickly. You can order popular euro tulle fabric wholesale from us at very good prices.

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