Not embroidered applications for a wedding dress

Each girl's is indescribably delighted by luxurious, richly decorated with rhinestones, pearls, beaded wedding dresses. Of course, they are expensive.  Trimming of the outfit with more accessible items will help significantly save money but make it exclusive, unique, original, eye-catching, elegant. There are many different ways to enhance the dress, so that it look "like a million". Here one will need fantasy, good taste, quality materials and various decorative elements. Popular and demanded appliqués are non-embroidered – small lace or fabric fragments with a beautiful pattern for patching or gluing on certain parts of the dress are ideal for this purpose.

Decor is very important in the process of tailoring a wedding dress. For design models to be perfect, it is necessary to buy non-embroidered appliqués for a wedding dress – most often these are two symmetric halves. They are great for decorating a back and a corset, although they can be successfully applied in any other part. Wedding World online store offers a lot of variations with different ornaments: floral (both flowers and plants), abstract, geometric, etc., which can be interesting to decorate the outfit. 

Secret of beauty and uniqueness

Manufacturers have different articles to offer. You can purchase non-embroidered appliqués wholesale to create your own collection of wedding dresses: for example, non-embroidered corset appliqués are used for decorating the bodice. Standard sizes of such details allow to create a beautiful pattern on a certain part of a dress. 

Sewn elements can be used to decorate a neck. A beautiful ornament can emphasize a bride's graceful neck and even be used instead a luxurious necklace. If the model is sewn with the use of chantelle lace, then a special textile decor similar to the famous openwork can be applied. Thin, patterned backs created with the help of ready-made special additions on the dresses add mystery and attractiveness to a bride's image. 

Non-embroidered appliqués add grace and exclusiveness to a wedding dress. To make fabrics textured, fashion designers sew lace elements on guipure. If such details of a different texture or shade are used together, they create an effect of multi-layering. Thanks to these techniques, the dresses look very interesting. By buying non-embroidered appliqués wholesale, you get the opportunity to apply own skills, place the necessary accents and make the models original, special. 

Decorative elements inspire to create. Buying non-embroidered appliqués wholesale in Ukraine is simply, because there is a wide range of textures, patterns, colors. Decorations have a glue base so to stick when put over the product and heated with a hot iron. But to prevent unpleasant surprises, it is recommended that the edges of a decorative element be sewn with threads.