Zippers – important accessory

Production of a dress for a wedding celebration is a challenging and demanding process. It requires not only imagination, colossal patience, skill, but also high-quality materials. To make a wedding dress, it is important to pay attention to each thing and detail. Therefore, high quality textile is not enough to reach success. The appearance and convenience of a dress depends largely on the correct fittings – durable, beautiful, making the product special.

Wedding dresses need zippers. They are used as fasteners, and in designer models can be used even as a decorative element. There are several kinds of zippers, but they all function the same. Zippers differ in length, size, and manufacturing material. Dress fasteners can be purchased in Ukraine for any purpose – the choice depends on the style and design of a dress.

Choosing the right fastener affects not only how a dress looks, but also its comfort for a wearer.

Wedding World online store offers a wide choice of zippers:

●     coil zippers;

●     plastic molded zippers (“tractors”);

●     metal zippers;

●     invisible zippers etc.

The most common types of zippers

Invisible zippers that are perfect for lightweight products made of thin and soft fabrics are most commonly used in the manufacture of wedding dresses. These zippers are good because their teeth are located on the seamy side of the product and are almost invisible when fastened.

You will also find zippers for dresses of different design: open-end and closed-end. Closed-end zippers are quite simple and equipped with stoppers on both sides. Open-end zippers have a stopper with a box for a slider on the same tape in the bottom; pin located on the other tape enters this box and connects both edges. When using this type of fastener in the production of attire, it is necessary to provide bottom tape ends with reinforcement, as they sustain more stress than the entire structure.

Fasteners with special protection against spontaneous unfastening are much demanded in the manufacture of bridal outfits. Small teeth are located between the links of zipper and do not allow the slider to move. There are various designs, each reliable during the use. You can buy these wedding zippers wholesale from us.

The online catalog presents a wide range of zippers of different types, sizes and colors. Buying high quality fastening for dresses wholesale in Ukraine is easy. For all questions regarding the goods, prices, ordering and delivery terms, please contact our managers.