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Luxury outfits are always a trend. This is due to, first of all, noble fabrics, and jacquard is among them. "Jacquard" is a French word that means a multicolor pattern woven into fabric. The term "jacquard fabric" is generic – all fabrics with various interwoven patterns are called this way. Weaves are usually made of large threads, they reproduce volumetric patterns on the canvas, so the fabric looks elegant and refined. Therefore,  jacquard should be purchased wholesale for the manufacture of luxury wedding dresses. Jacquard fabrics are produced using natural, synthetic or mixed yarns. Regular relief pattern woven on the fabric canvas makes the material beautiful and noble.

Varieties, features, advantages of jacquard fabrics

To buy jacquard fabric for dresses wholesale, you need to know its kinds:

  • Jacquard satin – material is very similar to Gobelin tapestry. The fabric is characterized by "two-sidedness" – the inside is inversive: projections of the pattern are depressed on the other side. The fabric looks very noble and stylish, it is considered elite. It is comfortable, pleasant to the touch, water-absorbing.

  • Jacquard satin – lightweight fabric, with interesting texture, smooth, iridescent, shiny, almost does not crumple, will add the dress elegance and match the occasion.

  • Jacquard stretch is very elastic, made of synthetic fibers. The fabric fits the figure perfectly, is well-breathable.

  • Jacquard organza – looks elegant: relief figures are woven in the finest fabric.

The material has several advantages: The fabric with a matte or shiny surface has a pleasant texture and looks spectacular; it is eco-friendly, durable, wear-resistant, fade-resistant, deformation-resistant, unpretentious as to its maintenance, does not shed, does not fade and is not sensitive to temperature changes. A variety of colors and shades will satisfy every taste. Therefore, buying jacquard fabrics wholesale is the right decision.

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