Wedding applications with volumetric flowers

Modern technologies and fashion trends are constantly developing – there appeared volumetric appliqués that create a feeling of some special texture. This kind of adornment is a real art. Wedding dresses with volumetric flowers are becoming more and more popular. The best world designers often refer to floral themes. Dresses decorated with delicate, hardly noticeable little, or thickly covered with bright large buds, look very feminine, touching, romantic, unusual, intriguing, sometimes even extravagant.

This kind of wedding applications can be ordered in the Internet-shop "Wedding World" in bulk.

A fashionable trend is appliqués with artificial flowers for a wedding dress. This is volumetric embroidery on thin lace or guipure, convex laser-printed patterns on fabric, flowers made of tulle, net, beads, crystals, pearls. The choice of such details represents a bride's non-standard approach to creating her own image. Often, the outfits are decorated with volumetric 3D applications of pastel tones.  

An interesting solution – counterpoint – the use of red, blue, purple flower elements. They look amazingly on corsets, sleeves, bottoms, backs, straps, skirts, trains. The season trend encourages a natural desire to buy appliqués with artificial flowers for a wedding dress, in order to emphasize a thin waistline with such an adornment. 

Styles and features of "flower" dresses

Models with 3D flowers can not be called classic. Producers try to buy appliqués with artificial flowers wholesale to create a variety of magical and unique outfits that are more suitable for the modern style, rather than vintage. A wide range of volumetric elements allows each bride to choose an option according to her taste and preference.  

Without a doubt, a snow-white dress with a decor of the same color is a classic dress. In order to satisfy brides who do not want to go away from traditions, but at the same time want to make a more daring decision, manufacturers of wedding dresses can buy appliqués with pink 3D flowers wholesale – to tailor stylish and original dresses. 

Depending on the individual preferences of a young lady, the dress can be completely or partially embroidered with artificial flowers. The main thing is to make everything in moderation, so that the dress looks like a dress, not a flower bed. To decorate any model – from a classical gown to an extravagant dress – 3D appliqués bought wholesale is a justified decision. 


Dresses with floral appliqués will be appropriate for holding a celebration in a non-standard setting, outdoors. Therefore, prior to buying appliqués with 3D flowers wholesale, it is worth considering the nature of an event. A wedding dress with brightly colored flowers will look spectacular at a beach wedding ceremony, while calm, delicate colors will suit a shady garden. Despite the volume, decorative flowers do not make the image worse, but, on the contrary, emphasize its magic and tenderness.