Satin ribbon assortment

Satin ribbons are traditional accessories, like buckles, buttons, cords, it is a versatile decoration and a great way to make the product unusual and individual. In the production of wedding dresses, they are used as decorative trimmings. Designers buy ribbons wholesale for sewing a large number of outfits.

Satin ribbon is very popular and common in the production of dresses for brides, as well as for the manufacture of wedding accessories. A dress decorated with such braid always looks elegant, and the ribbon itself shimmers very beautifully under the rays of the sun, which adds a festive mood. Among the large color variety, you can purchase satin ribbons for wedding dress wholesale to make your design fantasies come true and to pick up interesting accessories for the decoration of products.  Using satin ribbons, you can beautifully shade the main fabric, create a contrast or emphasize the harmony of one color range. 

Ribbons for dress decoration of different widths are needed for various purposes. Narrow and medium-width ribbons are used to tighten the corset, trim some elements of the dress, as well as to decorate some wedding accessories, the wide ones are mostly used for belts, and bows. The various flowers embroidered with such ribbons look luxurious and rich which you can use to decorate a bride's outfit, veil, and handbag. 

Decorative ribbons for dresses differ in texture. There are many interesting variations:  on the surface there are thematic ornaments or patterns, stampings, prints, various lurex inserts or embroidery in gold, silver or metallized threads, patterns with brilliant decor. The base of the braid can be smooth on both sides or only on one side. 

Ribbons for wedding dresses are widely used in the wedding theme. They are dense, durable, opaque, and at the same time soft and tender, they retain their original brilliance for a very long time. 

Why do you need the satin ribbons?

Buying satin ribbons in Ukraine is a reasonable choice also because they are safe for health:

  • they are not toxic;

  • they do not cause allergies;

  • they do not electrify.

It is easy to work with them, because, thanks to a special thickening along the edge, the band does not unfold and drapes well. 

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