Chantilly lace with sequins wholesale

The finest, aristocratic French lace Chantilly, embroidered with shiny sequins is a fabric that, when exposed to sunlight, plays with all its facets. “Shiny” fabrics are in fashion today: they are in great demand among brides who want to keep up with trends.

Fashion podiums 2018: back to retro style

Lace with a sequin for a wedding dress allows you to recreate the type of wedding dresses of the 20-30s. Today it is an echo of the era of the Great Gatsby. The wedding dresses of the fitted cut with smooth lines made of chiffon, satin or silk, decorated with lace or Chantilly guipure with sequins are the key to creating an elegant and luxurious image of the bride. But according to the statements of stylists and designers, “brilliant tendencies” are the choice of courageous, determined women ready for experiments. 

The sequins are shiny, most often round plastic plates with a coating reflecting light, mother-of-pearl or metallized. They are known to mankind since the days of ancient India. Then very finely rolled precious metals - silver and gold- were used for their manufacture. Hexagon, cone-shaped and drop-shaped varieties are also classified as classic sequins used today. 

Chantilly lace is the finest fabric of silk and linen threads which appeared in France at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Gentle bindings of its fibers, sophisticated and fancy ornaments instantly ranked the material as luxury items. With the complement of a scatter of spangles, a fabric appeared which is still popular today. It is perfect for sewing wedding dresses and veils. 

What to focus on

Designers should remember that it is necessary to give preference to simple types of cut, working with lace, embroidered with sequins: it has a spectacular look. Lace with sequins is a translucent material, therefore, when sewing a wedding dress for modest and discreet girls, it is recommended to use a fabric lining: so they will feel more comfortable and protected. 

High-quality lace with sequin is quite easy to distinguish from inexpensive analogs. It is enough to look at the thread which are used to attach sequins to the fabric. If they are woven into the structure of the fabric, and in case of break they do not get unravelled, you have a high-class, first-class product. This is the lace canvas waiting for you in the catalog of the online store “Wedding World”. You can buy it both wholesale and retail, with delivery in Ukraine and in the CIS countries.