Chantilly lace with cord - a special chic

It is difficult to argue with the fact that wedding day is one of the most exciting things that could happen to almost every girl. It is therefore ladies are obsessed with wedding planning. This is particularly so when it comes to finding a wedding dress. Some ladies prefer tailoring rather than looking for a dress on fashion catalogs and catwalks. After all, it is an opportunity to bring an attire of own dreams to life. Brides often choose corded lace rather than other materials for their dresses. Lace goes well with satin and euro tulle. This is not just a craze of the day, but a classic solution for all times. The classic is a timeless trend.

A few words about fabrics

Corded chantilly lace is lace having patterns and ornaments embroidered on the top of it with a thick thread which is, basically, the cord. Following the classical canons originating from France since the time of Napoleon III, patterns structure is a fine open mesh fabric, which goes high-thread-count in certain parts of the picture – to add it depth and volume. The outlines of patterns, as well as of "point marriage" open mesh fabric (also referred to as "five holes", originally “cinq trou” in French), are edged with a high density silk thread. The result is that fabric looks particularly luxurious and expensive.

Corded chantilly lace is an excellent material to use in dresses, veils and other garments. They serve for enhancing bodices, making train edging, creating intricate decorative inserts. It is important that lace is a semi-transparent fabric, so to not confuse or get confused, a girl is advised to use a denser lining. Especially when it comes to a dress top.

Where to buy?

While a few years ago, high-quality lace was an expensive and scarce commodity, today one can buy corded lace for wedding dresses or veils wholesale in Ukraine. This phenomenon can be easily explained: many Ukrainian manufacturers have reached the international level of quality of fabrics they produce. So be sure that once you order corded chantilly lace or guipure from the Wedding World catalog, you will get high quality tailoring materials at affordable price.

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