Wedding corded appliqués for dressmakers

Every bride dreams of a unique wedding dress to make her true queen on the most important day in her life. In most cases, this dream comes true thanks to wedding dress designers. Their secret is simple: proper textiles, suitable decorations and creative approach to the process. And last but not least, corded appliqués are used as decoration.

The current wedding season wasn’t marked with a fashion revolution. It became a season that absorbed all the best solutions of several previous ones. Therefore, fashion designers can safely use seasoned styles, cuts, materials... But the textile industry does not stand still, it annually pleases manufacturers with new and original wedding appliqués for dresses.

Corded appliqués are various machine-embroidered ornaments on a mesh basis. Cording is framing the ornament with a thread, giving the product a three-dimensional look. The color palette can vary a lot; it is not limited to the classic white or ivory. Appliqués stitched with golden threads look especially luxurious. Cord is a decorative element able to add gentle, elegant and feminine notes to a dress.

Cord appliqués can harmoniously be placed on almost any element of a wedding dress: bodice, back, corset, belt... The main thing is a thoughtful approach to its use. If the bride wishes to wear a modest outfit – it’s not necessary to cover the entire dress with cord appliqués. Two symmetrical inserts on both sides of the bodice can be enough. But if you need to create a really royal dress, do not be shy and do not limit it to a couple of elements, otherwise the composition will give disharmonious impression. Remember that lace appliqués should create harmony in a wedding dress, but not in any way clash with it. Also, besides a spectacular look, corded appliqués are well-known for their high practicality: they are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, unlike other similar decorations.

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