Appliques for wedding dresses, embroidered with beads and sequins

Designers often pattern modern wedding dresses with lace by combining small elements into intricate and unique lines and figures. Besides lace, openwork appliqués of various textures, properties, and shades are used to create patterns. Such decorations have become very popular lately as they make outfits unique, inimitable and exquisite. Therefore, all those engaged in the manufacture of wedding dresses and accessories are looking for an opportunity to buy embroidered wedding appliqués of the best quality.

Why it is worth buying embroidered appliqués for dresses

Embroidered wedding appliqués are products that are manually decorated with rhinestones, seed beads, beads, and other decorative elements. They are used for wedding dresses and accessories decoration and trimming. You can create true exclusive masterpieces using embroidery appliqués purchased wholesale. Dress with embroidered appliqués shines and attracts more admiring glances.

Embroidered appliqués are made using different techniques. Following the fashionable trends and purposes, manufacturers create a large number of patterns, ornaments, make appliqués of different handle, texture, saturation, size, style. These elements can be both of classic white and of other interesting attractive colors, either be sole-colored or combine several shades. Therefore, such decoration on a wedding dress will easily change an image.

Everything in the dress:

  • necklines,

  • bodices,

  • corsets,

  • skirts,

  • backs, sleeves,

  • belts,

can be decorated with embroidered appliqués. And wherever they are placed, they create a bright accent and become the centrepiece. Original ornaments, floral patterns, geometric patterns on appliqués are the perfect tandem of elegance and tenderness.

Wedding World works for you!

It's quite easy to buy embroidered appliqués for dresses wholesale, as their range in the store is wide. These decorative elements have adhesive base, which simplifies attaching to the product as only requires using a hot iron. But experts recommend to additionally sew the edges with threads to avoid detachment.

You can buy embroidered appliqués in Ukraine without even leaving the office – place an order right now. You will find many single and paired appliqués of various make, size and color offered on the pages of our online catalog. Therefore, you have and will always have the opportunity to buy embroidered appliqués wholesale and in retail at the best prices. Our consultants will help make the choice and place an order. Embroidered wedding appliqués wholesale from us is worthwhile!