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Tulle is versatile and comfortable fabric each fashion designer would like to work with. It can be transformed into a fabulous bridal outfit and many other interesting luxury items. Tulle is transparent, weightless, looks stylish and so modern, although it is almost 200 years old!

Americans invented mesh fabric in the first half of the 19th century. Then tulle was made of natural materials, the fabric was soft and dense and was used mainly to protect against insects, as well as in the manufacture of bedspreads, curtains. Since the invention of synthetic fibers – nylon and polyester – tulle has become elastic and tight. It was applied in the puffy dress tailoring.

Soft tulle – properties, features, advantages

In terms of stiffness tulle can be hard, semi-soft and soft. Each type is applied for different purpose. Soft tulle can be turned into wedding dresses and their elements, veils and accessories, various minor articles of clothing. This fabric is fully synthetic and has a semitransparent base. It lets air, moisture, liquids through well, dries off very quickly, does not wrinkle and almost never gets dirty.

Products made of soft and delicate mesh cloth are always interesting, original, and exclusive. This type of tulle has high thread density and very small cells.

Buy soft tulle wholesale for tailoring wedding dresses for brides and various wedding accessories, this material has a number of advantages: it perfectly keeps its shape and allows creating wide folds, puffy flounces and ruffles. The fabric is matte, wrinkles just a little bit, good to wear and care, is fireproof. As for the color range, it is quite extensive – from soft tones to vivid ones.

An important point to consider when making a wedding dress is that the use of several layers of tulle can reduce its ability to let air and moisture through, thereby create a "greenhouse effect". In this case, a cover made of natural fabrics could be applied. It is quite easy to manipulate soft tulle – it does not flake off when cut, is sewn easily, seams do not need to be flattened or stretched with an iron.

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