Wedding textile fabrics survey


Current wedding season surprises with its new trends and offers different news such as different wedding dresses cuts, fashionable accents and attractive textile materials. Designers choose special patterns, which will emphasize originality of their works. National and world modelers satisfy well many modern women of fashion. They have already included to their collections of dresses various textile materials. Therefore, each woman will be able to find to herself good variant of evening dress for going to some event. Brides will be able to find wedding dress, which is produced of the best kinds of textile materials. Vesilnyi Svit Company takes care about supporting of different manufacturers of wedding dresses with high-quality textile materials, which will be used for realizing of many creative ideas. This season offers own rules of fashion and offers list of the most demanding fabrics of this year.  


The greatest leader among all demanded wedding textile materials is lace, because it is very popular now. Therefore, we start our survey of wedding dresses, which are produced of this kind of textile fabrics. It is very important to mention that lacy images have a great number of variations and there are many different kinds of this material, which is used in production. All depends of the way of material manufacture and of the kind of lacy material. We recommend to pay your attention on chantel lace and other lacy materials with applications and embroidery. They look very tender and give to wedding and evening dresses great beauty and attractiveness.  


Thin nets are very popular in current season too. They are used as additional and general materials in evening and wedding dresses production. Tulle is a good background for tender applications and various textile décor. Therefore, this material is very demanded for many women’s clothes manufacturers.


Satin material always associates with something really refined and elegant. Majority of the most important designers have presented their collections with using of this kind of material. It  looks really luxury and expensive with special decorations and even without them. Universality is the general characteristics of satin, which includes this textile material to our survey of wedding textile fabrics on the high third place.


Light and areal chiffon will be ideally suitable for wedding celebration on the seaside. Therefore, according to the good features of this material, many brides and their designers choose for summer wedding celebrations this kind of material. Wedding dresses trains, capes and other kind of accessories, which are made of this material, look romantic, due to its lightness and good view. What can be tenderer, than light hesitations of wedding dress on the attractive and refined figure of bride? 

All these fabrics are a great base for creating of the most attractive design solutions. Therefore, we recommend you not to waste your time. Please, make first step for reaching of your success after choosing of the most actual materials for your wedding dresses production.