Mikado is a noble fabric for sewing spectecular outfits

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Noble shine, delicate texture and luxurious silkiness — that's how you can describe Mikado fabric. It is a dense material based on silk thread. Visually, it looks really royal. Features of Mikado fabric are distinguished by high technical, exploitative and aesthetic performances. In terms of quality characteristics, it is not inferior to many other materials. At the same time, along with all its advantages, the fabric is available to buyers with different material capabilities. Additionally, the material can be easily draped, harmoniously combined with other types of materials.

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Mikado fabric properties

 The main advantage of the material is the increased degree of density. This is due to the weaving technique, which uses silk and cotton fibers intertwined with each other. As a result a smooth, shiny material is obtained, which will be really hard to tear. The play of light on the surface of the material can be seen even in a poorly illuminated room due to the special technique of twisting the threads during the weaving of the fabric.

Other quality properties of mikado fabric are also surprising:

- shape retention for many years;

- color fastness;

- practicality;

- wear resistance —  withstands temperature extremes, exposure to UV rays, mechanical action;

- optimal price/quality ratio.

The material can be spectacularly combined with embroidery, lace, rhinestones, precious and semi-precious stones.

The main types of mikado fabric

1. Mikado silk has a smooth texture, enchanting royal shine. Moreover, its structure is higher and better than the satin structure. The combination of threads used creates a product with increased voluminosity and improved ability to hold its shape.

особливості тканини мікадо

2. Mikado satin material is dense, smooth, looks elegant, and shimmers spectacularly in the sun.

тканина мікадо для весільних суконь

Mikado fabric in bridal and evening collections

It is one of the most luxurious fabrics that has won success among fashion designers. It is not surprising that the fabric is used for sewing expensive, presentable, festive outfits. Evening and wedding dresses made from mikado fabric are in a great demand.

The material is popular among brides as well because it combines light weight with high density. That is why, it will not be burdensome at all for every girl to walk from morning till night in a poofy outfit, even in the summer season.

If we compare the price of the material with other types of fabrics, then it is more expensive. It is worth emphasizing that the price does not 'bite too hard' due to the beauty, originality and texture of the fabric.

The material is luxurious, does not wrinkle, even if it is kept folded for a long time. It creates stylish combinations with other materials, different types of jewelry, accessories, and decor.

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Why is the mikado called a festive fabric?

To understand why the material is considered elegant, it is worth looking at it once. Then the question of why the mikado fabric is considered as the fabric of brides will disappear by itself. The material strongly resembles satin, but it looks more spectacular and more expensive. Although it is believed that there is nothing better than satin for creating a wedding dress! But, no!

The first impression of an outfit made from this wonderful material is the strongest and most unforgettable. It shimmers in the light, glimmers in different shades, flows from the corset itself to the bottom of the skirt. Not a single bride can pass by such models.

When thinking about replenishing the assortment of your company, bridal salon, shop or atelier, remember that Mikado is one of the few types of fabrics for sewing wedding dresses, presented in a wide range of colors. The online catalog of the Wedding World online store contains snow-white, ivory and other original colors.

In this outfit, every girl will look like a real princess. The bride will be able to flutter like a butterfly during the whole celebration, without feeling the weight of a poofy dress. And also calmly ride in a car, sit at a banquet table without worries that the dress will get wrinkled.

                                                    Tips for the best ways of using Mikado fabric                                                                

The material is expensive, so it is recommended to dry-clean it from serious stains. Caring for the outfit depends on what kind of embellishment it is decorated with: stones, rhinestones, volumetric embroidery, a non-removable belt, and other decorative elements.

You should properly store an outfit made from it, even though it is not an unpretentious material. This requires a hypoallergenic, durable, breathable cover or bag. Careful storage will significantly extend the life of the product, protect it from wear and tear, and the formation of defects.

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