The simplicity and sophistication of satin fabrics


Satin is a festive fabric. That is why it is associated with sophisticated evening gowns and wedding dresses. Even the simplest satin models look elegant and luxurious, and styles with corsets and voluminous skirts bestows fabulousness on bride's image. The characteristics of satin fabrics are impressive, allowing modern designers to implement

 any ideas. It might be the close-fit or descending dresses; fetching short gowns or more aristocratic ones with a train. In any case, high-quality wedding fabrics from the manufacturer are an opportunity for designers to create incredibly beautiful, fashionable and exceptional models.

The history of the appearance of satin fabric

The history and origin of the atlas fabric is rooted in antiquity. For the first time they started talking about it in China, more than two thousand years ago. It was a fairly expensive material made of silk threads. The most beautiful attires for the nobility, luxurious textiles for palaces.

Translated from Arabic, "satin" means "smooth". Its production technology was kept secret for years but  in time it spread to Asian countries, and later to the European continent.

Today, many people know how satin fabric looks like. The revolution in the textile industry was the impulse for the production of a "modern" satin , based on both natural and synthetic fibers.The mixture of such components enabled to get fabric that is reasonable at price  therefore popular but high-quality. 

Satin wedding dresses

Satin fabric for wedding dresses is a classic that will never go out of style. Using this fabric, designers can make the most creative ideas come true.

Satin dresses have a glossy surface, simple forms and luxurious texture. Such gorgeous decorations:

  •  Falls fluidly and flatters women’s shape, conceals the flaws of the figure, if there are any; 
  •  Combines lightness, elegance and delicacy ;
  •  Allows you to create festive outfits for all seasons due to multipurpose; 
  •  Pleasant to touch satin dresses. Don’t cause any discomfort.

Satin wedding dresses surprise with a variety of styles. The satin fabric is used for tailoring both straight elegant dresses and models with voluminous skirts. In addition, satin combines well with other materials: lace, chiffon, tulle, etc.

Any satin wedding dress will look luxurious and festive. The main thing is to choose a suitable style that will highlight the merits of appearance.

Differences between satin and other fabrics for tailoring wedding and evening dresses

Satin is an elite fabric that, in comparison with other materials, looks expensive and elegant. The texture of satin fabric is quite varied: one-toned fabrics or jacquards, which  amazes with their graceful patterns.

If you are interested in a tight-fitting  outfit that highlights the merits of appearances, satin fabric would be  the best  decision for this purpose. The characteristics and benefits of a shiny, dense material are:

  •  Excellent strength and durability of fabric, when, with proper care, it is possible to preserve the original properties for a long time;
  •  The ability to pass air well and not accumulate static electricity;
  •  Hypoallergenic properties of the cloth and its good drapery.

The purpose of satin fabric is quite extensive, when not only chic outfits, but also beautiful home textiles are obtained on its basis: curtains, napkins, tablecloths, bed linen, etc.

Guidance on the application of satin fabric from Wedding World

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