Swarovski buttons wholesale in Ukraine

Glitter and luxury are the two basic components of a wedding celebration, they are most clearly embodied in gorgeous wedding dresses. Swarovski sew-on stones are elegant decorative elements for an elite wedding dress. They can give a colorful brilliance to the snow-white outfit, provide it true grace, fill it with delicacy and beauty. You can buy Swarovski buttons in Ukraine at attractive prices, get prompt delivery and a quality guarantee on our website.

Buying Swarovski buttons wholesale is profitable

In fact, buying Swarovski buttons wholesale is profitable, because the stones presented in the catalog of Wedding World cost much cheaper than what you get from  any other Ukrainian online store through a retail purchase. The package includes 24 Swarovski buttons with a diameter of 16 mm each. Suitable for any dress Several of these shining decorative elements make any model look original and unique, bright and memorable.

Swarovski sew-on stones

We suggest those who do not like the archaism "button" to look closer at the appearance of this product: in fact, these are large rhinestones, which do not need looping at all. They are a splendid decoration and have first of all decorative, not practical function.

Valuableness and popularity of Swarovski in the world

No wonder these simple and sometimes truly tiny cut-glass stones have become so widespread not only in Europe, but throughout the world. After all, such a small detail literally "creates" all the sense of holiday and makes any item more valuable. And the main components of success are simple:

  • low price, in comparison with genuine gemstones;
  • shine that is inherent in jewelry.

These two features helped crystals of the Austrian company to literally scatter over the world!

Swarovski buttons wholesale from Wedding World online store

Assortment of these and many other products that are always interesting and in demand among owners of wedding boutiques and tailoring establishments, is available on the website of our company. Find out current prices and see the brief description of each catalog item. We sell throughout Ukraine, deliver orders of any complexity as soon as we can.