Swarovski brooches wholesale in the online store "Wedding World"

Swarovski brooches today is a pink of fashion. Even the famous designers of the big Fashion Houses do not miss the opportunity to supplement their new collections for catwalk shows at high fashion weeks. And the world of wedding fashion simply could not ignore this elite jewelry. Original Swarovski brooches, richly inlaid with crystals, regained their slightly forgotten popularity and became an integral part of the wedding entourage. They are used wherever appropriate: making a bride's bouquet, groom's tuxedo and, of course, decorating a wedding dress. 

Unique processing is the key to a fantastic play of light

Swarovski brooches are a dream of the fair sex. Probably, this is the only brand in its industry that produces jewelry with rhinestones, which, after all stages of cutting and polishing, are equal in price to noble precious stones. The secret of the Swarovski jewelry house is in the unique technology of processing a special mineral - optical crystal, after which the product acquires a high refractive index.

Alloys of noble metals - silver and platinum - can be used as the basis for Swarovski brooches. They are light, so they trim perfectly cut rhinestones. They are firmly and securely fixed to the base, and when the slightest light hits them, they begin to play with all the colors and shades of the rainbow. 

The best decision for decorating a wedding dress

The brooch with Swarovski crystals looks impressive on a corset of a wedding dress. In this case, the options for its placement are not limited to the classical wearing of jewelry on the left side. The original decision is to pin a decoration on a veil, belt, gloves or even a hairpin. 

Swarovski brooches are a great opportunity to complement the image of the bride, adding a small but bright and sophisticated feminine accent. Especially if they are made in floral style - in the form of a basket with flowers, a leaf of clover or a rose bud. But choosing a model with a custom design, you can get the original glamorous look. Even a wedding dress embroidered in a minimalist style begins to win in bright colors, thanks to the luxurious decor. 

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