Wedding belts with Swarovski stones wholesale

The last few wedding seasons have become notable for the fact that designers have adopted belts generously inlaid with Swarovski crystals. The solution was so successful that it instantly became popular among brides in Europe and North America. The supply of wedding dresses with fancy Swarovski belts of different widths, shapes and ornaments became pink of fashion.

The desire of the bride to look great on the most important day is quite natural, and the choice of accessories for a wedding dress is a very important procedure. Therefore, in our catalog you cannot just purchase the Swarovski belts of the latest collections, but you can also familiarize yourself with the basic rules for their selection. 

Secrets of a successful choice of wedding belt Swarovski

The belt itself is an object that is intended to emphasize the elegant silhouette of the bride, to create smooth but distinct waist lines, delimiting the hips and bust. In general, this is a harmonious addition to the wedding dress, which makes the image of the girl complete. A-line wedding dresses, especially the “transformer” style, may look unfinished without a belt. It has both a decorative and practical purpose at the same time: it maintains a muscular corset, and if it is selected correctly, it visually adds harmony to the girl's silhouette. But it is important to choose the correct width of the Swarovski belt: 

  • 2-4 cm: the most successful option for the fair sex with miniature constitution. Gently emphasizes the elegance of the refined lines of the body; 

  • 4-7 cm: belt with a pronounced effect of visual correction of the figure. It can give harmony to the silhouette of the bride, if placed a few centimeters above the waist. This technique can also visually lengthen the legs of the girl; 

  • 7-10 cm - Swarovski belts for ladies with an average constitution. This is the optimal width in order to outline the waistline, if it is not clearly expressed in the bride. Designers recommend giving preference to a color palette that is different from the main color of the dress - so the effect of the accessory will increase several times; 

  • 11 cm or more - have excellent corrective properties. They are distinguished by their versatility: both lush and thin ladies will be able to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide some flaws. 

A wedding belt embroidered with Swarovski crystals is an excellent addition to a dress with a falling train. The attachment to it of a large decorative flower or bow proved to be especially effective. In ascetic and laconic outfits designed in the Greek style, the belt with rhinestones will also become a bright central detail of the image. 

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