Embroidered macrame - special wedding lace

Brides of all times and places strive to look beautiful and have richly tailored wedding dresses. According to famous fashion designers and couturiers, there is no better decoration for a wedding dress than lace. Lace fabrics vary in manufacture technique, material properties. But they have one common feature– beauty that brings undeniable pleasure. Lace fabric as it is and embroidered macrame in particular will help wedding dress of any style and cut achieve incredible luxury.

In the world of modern wedding fashion, macrame lace and dresses decorated with it have gained great popularity among brides due to their elegance. Macrame lace is a type of tatted lace. Products in this technique are strong and durable, very beautiful and creatively different. These qualities made the fabric quite popular among manufacturers of wedding apparel, so they commonly buy embroidered macrame wholesale.

Dresses with lace fabric gain more and more attention of modern brides. Masters manufacture this fabric by decorating it with pearls, beads by the method of weaving them into knots or by weaving colored threads into the pattern, thus making it even more original, sew beads or rhinestones on it. Manufacturers buy embroidered macrame wholesale to create various details of a dress, to decorate cuffs, cuts, veils, etc.

A bride will look very gentle and elegant in a dress made of macrame. In Ukraine, embroidered macrame is used to create wedding dresses — slightly flowing or tulle skirt, lace top. This very lace is used for decoration of long veils and other wedding accessories. Tatted fabric patterns are large, volumetric and expressive, embroidery emphasizes their incredible beauty even more.

Fabric quality

Designers demanding the best quality textiles try to buy embroidered macrame lace wholesale due to its:

● naturality;

● elasticity;

● breathability;

● hygienicity;

● hypoallergenicity;

●     ability to not electrify, and, of course, exquisiteness.

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